Monday, 19 September 2016

Here we are

A bit of a miss mash post to say hi, heres my new blog. I keep saying  I will blog, and never seem to, but its fun and I can record our life at least!

We've been mostly sugar free for 2 weeks now, Im not missing chocolate, ice cream, sweets and soft drink at all. Sometimes I miss my red cordial, but thats ok. Im keeping my weekend wine, haha, but thats about it. I feel amazing after a few weeks, but it wasn't that big a change for me!

Anyway here is sone of our life in pictures- just lately!

Parkrun last week. Not a pb for me, but I did run at 31.20 (pb is currently 31.08). It was extremely humid. Many shout outs to the young man in the background with the dog and the broken wrist for pacing me! ( Thanks Stu)

Eric and Ana headed out on the jetski for a bit of a play on Sunday morning. Daddy daughter dates are the best :D

Some new toys- can not wait to take them out for a spin ( the weekend can't come quick enough)

Made a whole 30 approved spaghetti sauce. Amaze balls!

Mondays endurance running, following a tabata workout.

Smaller kids enjoying school holidays. One is at work and house sitting, another is at work, and the third one is off on AFX

Last nights dinner- salad cups. They do have chicken in the bottom. Not quite san choy bau, but delicious and will make them again. I served the lettuce leaves empty and let the kids load them up themselves.

This mornings run. Hot and humid! This followed a 5,10,15 pyramid core workout

Someone just made the couch!